Get the LED Neon Flex Advantage with Neon Light Installation

led neon flex

Make the switch to LED Neon Flex, the patented revolutionary LED neon lighting product. Discover why our neon light installation has got all the advantages over outdated glass neon and other more conventional lighting. Our products are smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient. Imaginea high-tech light source that reduces power consumption while delivering unrivaled light quality.

LED Neon flex is also environmentally friendly and ROHS compliant, so its free of lead and mercury. Last but not least, neon light installation is so easy. And lets not forget one of the most important advantages of allLED Neon Flex products are durable. With a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, a PVC jacket with UV inhibitors and a two-year limited warranty, our products will offer benefits for years to come.

Green LED Lighting Solutions is proud to offer LED Neon Flex in Commercial (Vivid) and Decorative (LED Neon Rope) grades. Both options are ideal for neon light installations that require low profiles or variable lengths. LED Neon Flex can be cut at any cutting mark and used separately. Both 24v 120v and 220V are available.

Applications include:

· Border Lighting

· Cove/Accent Lighting

· Signage

· Architectural and interior outlines

· Upgrading and updating

led neon sign

Spotlight on Energy Savings

A look at our chart reveals how LED Neon Flex outshines and outlasts outmoded fluorescent and glass neon lighting:




LED Neon Flex

Power Source

570 VAC Ballast

15,000 VAC Transformer

12 VDC Converter

Power Consumption

610 Watts

400 Watts

150 Watts

12 Hr. Daily Use

7,320 Watts

4,800 Watts

1,800 Watts

Yearly Use

2,672 KW

1,752 KW

657 KW

Cost Per KWH




Yearly Cost 1 Power Supply





LED Neon Flex Advantage

Modified Timee:

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